About our company

What is Elysian Lace?


Elysian Lace is a purveyor of high quality wigs that cater to the needs of fashion-forward consumers looking for wigs and extensions made from virgin hair and handcrafted with care. We understand that a woman’s hair is a reflection of who she is and when she looks good, she moves with confidence. 

Why should I order from Elysian Lace? 

Our customers order for a variety of reasons, but mostly they count on our custom design services for wigs that make them feel comfortable, enhance their natural beauty and fit into their busy lifestyle. Our customers also depend on us for a variety of hair products that help them maintain and care for their wigs. 

What is Elysian Lace’s business philosophy? 

Elysian Lace believes that hair makes women look and feel beautiful. We are committed to creating quality products that help to inspire our clients so they can live their best lives. 


About our products

What are some tips to ensure I am getting a quality wig?  

All wigs are definitely not the same! A wig should not only look natural, but it should stand up to the heat rigors of styling, feel like real hair and be able to be washed. Wigs crafted by Elysian Wigs incorporate all these factors and more. 

I’ve never worn a wig before. What should I know before I buy? 

For starters, you need to have an idea of the kind of hairstyle you want. Do you want long hair or short hair? Do you want to enhance your own hair with extensions? Do you want to match your natural hair color or are you willing to make a change? Are you ready to purchase a wig off a shelf or do you desire a custom fit? Do you want human hair, virgin hair or synthetic fibers? 

What’s the best way to care for my wig? 

In general, care for your wig the same way you would look after your natural hair. Wash it regularly to remove dirt, dust and debris and make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser every three months or so to ensure that your wig keeps its sharp style and shape. When storing your wig, make sure to place it on a head to maintain its structural integrity and keep it sleek and smooth. 

How long do the wigs last for? 

Elysian Lace wigs will last more than a year if properly cared for with authentic wig care products. We sell a variety of hair products, including hair glue, wig bands and hair wax sticks.