Since its founding, Elysian Lace has helped bring out the best in our clients. Our handcrafted custom wigs and hair extensions help women feel comfortable with their own bodies and confident in the way they choose to present themselves to the world.  

To us, that makes hair personal.

We take great pride in creating high-quality wigs, extensions and other hair products that make our clients feel good and look great. We care to match your personality and lifestyle with the perfect custom wig by focusing not only on the hair itself, but your expectations, the time you have to spend on haircare and other aspects of your life. Each custom wig is designed to be flattering based on your unique face shape, bone structure and personal preferences. Each custom wig is crafted by the same person, so the craftmanship is consistent. 


In addition, we also offer an extensive ready-to-wear wig collection as well as closures, frontals and bundles in Brazilian, Indian and raw hair styles. We are a full-service shop, providing all the supplies and materials you need to maintain and install the hair products we sell, including hair glue, wig bands, hydro curl care kits, hair wax sticks, ultimate install boxes and more. Need lashes? We have them, too. 


At Elysian Lace, hair is a form of art, a way to express yourself. We understand that the way our clients see themselves shapes every aspect of their lives. Those who radiate confidence are ready to tackle the challenges of their daily lives, providing them with both a sense of purpose and feeling of peace. Our company’s name, Elysian Lace, reflects this commitment as it means “relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise, blissful.” 


For us, making wigs isn’t just a business propelled by the thought of bigger profits and greater name recognition. We are dedicated to our mission of uplifting women and prefer to measure our success by the number of happy clients we have, not our bottom line. That’s why we work hard to keep our wigs and hair products affordable and easily attainable by women of all means. 


All too often, self-care and self-love are the last items on a woman’s to-do list, but if we don’t replenish our spirit and find ways to invest in ourselves, we won’t have any energy left to give to the ones we love. All women must take the time to care for their own well-being by taking time for themselves. 


Whether you are in the market for straight, wavy, body wave or curly hair, Elysian Lace has what you’re looking for. Our hair products have never been chemically dyed or styled, making our virgin hair more beautiful, sleek and soft than comparable products. We definitely give you your money’s worth!  


Let us take care of your hair needs so you can take care of your responsibilities and pursue your personal passions. Make bad hair days a thing of the past. Connect with the professionals at Elysian Lace today.